old-peopleThere’s no getting around it. Sex is an integral part of emotional and physical health. It boosts mood, provides cardiovascular exercise, and keeps the brain happy. However, a common mistake is to assume this only applies to the young.

When, in fact, there are mountains of evidence to suggest sexual pleasure is a valuable asset at any age. So, whether you’re in your forties, sixties, or even your nineties, it’s worth finding the time for a tumble.

While physical intimacy inevitably changes as you get older – there are bound to be things you can’t do – sex over the age of 50 shouldn’t be a rare occurrence. At this point, you’re full of wisdom and life experience. More than anybody, it’s the middle-aged and older who know exactly what they like in the bedroom.

Often, the problem is a lack of confidence. It’s easy to feel disconnected from your body if you have anxieties about aging. You might worry about communication and wonder if you’re out of touch.

Sex is everywhere in our society, but it’s portrayed as a pursuit of the young. If you’re not in your mid-twenties, with a gym body and designer clothes, your sexuality won’t make it onto billboards. Yet, this doesn’t mean it isn’t out there, thriving and flourishing.

The Benefits of Sex for the Over Fifty

All the things that make sex great when you’re twenty-three stay the same no matter how old you get. Regular intercourse burns fat, gives the heart a healthy workout, and keeps the muscles and bones active. In fact, many scientists believe it can add years to your lifespan.
It’s great for mental health too. Whether you’re loved up or living solo, it’s a chance to connect. This is something that’s important for everybody, but it takes on a greater significance once you become an elder.
You start to realize the incredible value of human relationships. More than money, power, and possessions, it’s the moments we share with other people that define us. These moments might be time spent with friends, memories of the family, or languid orgasms on a Sunday afternoon. There’s a place in your life for all of it.

How to Have Great Sex at Any Age

The rules of great sex don’t change much as you get older. Depending on your age, you may need to move a little slower and give up on the more ambitious positions, but you can still pursue the things that drive you wild.

Communication is key. If you want better sex, you’ve got to identify your needs and shout about them to your partner. While this might be tricky at first, you haven’t got anything to lose. The worst thing that can happen is you get a bit giggly, and there’s nothing scary about two lovers letting naughty talk bring out their silly side.

Another great piece of advice is just to let go. Your sex doesn’t have to be like anybody else’s. Whether you need to use lots of lube, stick to simple positions, or have a romantic bath together to get in the mood, this is your time.

The focus should be on getting to a place where you feel comfortable and confident. It doesn’t matter what you need or have to use to make it happen. Try to let go of the idea that there are any real rights and wrongs associated with good sex. If it works for you, it’s right.

Why Sexual Pleasure Can Be Better In Old Age

couple_oldThink back to your twenties and thirties and all of those early hang-ups. They probably seem pretty trivial now you’ve lived a life and realized happiness has little do to with your weight, bank account, or number of sexual partners.

Intercourse can be incredible over the age of fifty, precisely because you’ve got a much healthier perspective on life. You’ve found your turn-ons, explored alternative or taboo ideas, and come to understand that sex can be both a revelation and a fun thing to do when there’s nothing else going on.

It doesn’t have to change the world or shake you to your core. It only needs to make you feel good. So, don’t let age keep you from having a full and varied sexual life. After all, where better to show off your wisdom and smarts than beneath an eager partner in the bedroom?