As I write this, am almost turning to my 70’s. Demographers define this as the younger side of old. However, I’m familiar with the various changes which afflict men, the noticeable gradual erection loss and elderly sexually. This problem has become the most prevailing as most men admit. Luckily, with just a few adjustments, the elder sex can become as fulfilling as ever, or even better.

Surprise: a few older men take some erection drugs.

erection_drugsIf an older am is able to raise erections, it usually owes him to the Cialis, Viagra, or even Levitra. Conversely, for most men over the age of 65, this drugs turns out to disappoint them.

  • Less than 20%of men over the age of 60 have been able to try the erection medication, with some being regular users. CVS pharmacy has some chain tracks of the various demographics the prescription drug sales. Most men over the age of 60 have contributed over one third sales of the minority of older men who have been able to try the use of Viagra. Most of the users of these drugs are in their fifties and forties.
  • There has been an exaggeration of the drug’s effectiveness the pharmaceutical industries. They claimed that the drugs have a benefit of a firmness sufficient for intercourse for in around 70% of its users in one of their pre-approval trials. However, some of the recent studies have concluded that its effectiveness is about 50% and it declines its effectiveness with age more so after the age of 60. Hence these drugs are only workable in the minority of the elder men.
  • These drugs have the ability to increase the flow of blood in the penis though has nothing to do with arousal and libido which has been problematic to the elder men over the age of 60.
  • The pre-approval trials carried out referred these drugs to be rare, side effect minor and fleeting. Most of the post-approval studies documented a persistent frustrating side effects evident in almost 40% of the users.
  • Even when the men over the age of 65 love the erection medication, women around this age too tend to develop vaginal tissue thinning (atrophy) and post-menopausal dryness. This makes their intercourse painful and uncomfortable even with enough lubrication.

Most men at the age of 65 bid farewell the penis-in-vagina intercourse and erection and tend to opt for some other pleasures; toys, oral sex, and mutual genital hand massage.

Ahealthy lifestyle can helps – until it does not

In the interim, was a journalist for about 43 years, specializing in sexuality and health. Most studies show that the later sexual life function decline can he greatly delayed with some healthy lifestyle such as no tobacco, daily exercise, no more than two alcoholic drinks per day, sleeping 8 hours a night and a plant-based diet.

The Hyde study

Before the drug and food administration approved the use of Viagra in 1998, the conservative wisdom was that the older couples could just stop sex, hence most researches did not have any focus on this. However, since use of Viagra for the last 20 years had become a hot topic, some studies done by the Austrians show that the situation in older men though not horrible, it is not pretty. One of these studies done by some aging Australian researchers was done on sexuality and health of about 3,274 white men who are independent at an average age of 82 years. The residents demographics included smoking, education, single, alcohol use versus partnered which was much different from the US though not much. The main causes of the sex problems sampled was found to be chronic health conditions such as high blood pressure, sleep disorders, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis and obesity.

The Martin study

Martin conducted a study on the Adelaide male aging in 2012 with a different Australian group researchers. They interviewed about 271 men with an age range of 80 to 65 on their libido, erections and health issues.

  • 89% of the single elder men and 33% of the married men reported that low desire was their main problem.
  • 91% of the men reported that ED was their major problem.

The risk factors of low libido and ED included; high blood pressure, obesity, smoking, cancer, insomnia, diabetes, depression and anxiety.

The slippery slope

Both studies shows that;

  • Testosterone deficiency is uncommon with most men since the public health officers claimed that low T could be easily diagnosed and treated.
  • Healthy lifestyles can extend men’s sexual functions for several years though cannot protect such men from decline in erections and libido.
  • Men with partners have a great sexual desire compared to single men. The single men have a low libido. However those in relationship have a great risk of premature ejaculation, ED, performance anxiety and difficulty in ejaculation.

You’re never too old to enjoy great sex

  • Between 90% and half of men over the age of 65 suffer from some level of ED. This is depressing. Conversely, the old men who have partners and would wish to enjoy orgasms and great sex can still do if they make some simple erotic adjustments.
  • Do not take this personally
  • Do not focus on the partner sex on the intercourse.

Enjoy being in synch.