Sex is a superb way for one to stay mentally and physically healthy in the later life. Age should never be a barrier to the enjoying a fulfilling sex life. Six over the age of 60 can as well be enjoyable compared to when younger.

Sexual habit of older people

Based on a survey in 2013, about 71 percent of the people over 50 years of age reported to have a healthy sex life compared to the 2007 survey which reported a percentage of 65. As you grow old, sex helps in keeping you feel good and proves to be better than it was in the previous years. Most women at the postmenopausal stage have reported to have a faster arousal compared to when they were young. As a matter of fact, the aging process affects our bodies though all experience this. It is our attitude which makes the big difference. When we approach things in an understanding, accepting and open light, we lead to a great sex life and ease our journey as well as a more fulfilling and deeper relationship.


Benefits of an active sex life

As we grow old, some bodily concerns for example lack of flexibility and looser skin come up. However, you can overcome all this and even laugh about them. This is because you will all be into that. However, you can easily conduct the sexually transmitted infections at this age. The partners who have been dating for a long time and even the ones dating for the first time can find themselves into this. You should always remember that although there is no possibility of pregnancy, you should you a condom once with a new partner. It is always good to know what exactly you should look for in cases of STDs. Blisters, abnormal bleeding after or during sex, rashes, discharge and blisters are the various signs of STDs. In the UK the GP surgeries and GUM (genitourinary medicine clinics) provide treatment and tests of STDs. If you are not certain about STIs and have some concerns, you can make an appointment with your doctor or visit the health services near you for check out.

Change in libido

It is normal for on to experience some change in their libido as they grow older. There are a lot of factors which play in this case such as medication, illness and hormonal changes. These factors paly a big role in the control of sex drive. Friction results in most relationships due to differing libido. It is therefore advisable that you let your lover know that you have not gone off. Ensure that you have enough time with your lover all alone without any distractions in the modern life. You should speak to your GP if you have any concerns about your libido or you are currently on some medication which might result in low sex drive.

Men over the age of 65

The sex lives of people over the age of 65 are not much documented as compared to the younger adults. A research revealed that about three quarter of men over the age of 65 think about sex as compared to women of their age. Thinking about sex is the strongest drive for having a healthier sex life in the future.