As you approach your 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond, many things including sexuality starts to slow down in your life. You are no longer as energetic as you once were and you start to lose interest in things that once fascinated you. However, while this statement is partially true, I would like to put an end to some of the myths and misconceptions involving sex and aging.

What are some of the Myths and Misconceptions Surrounding Sex and Aging?


Menopause is the end of a woman’s sex life

This is another common misconception. It is true that menopause can lead to vaginal dryness. However, a few medically accepted lubricants can do the trick of taking care of that issue. Doctors recommend the use of silicon based lubricants but you can also try estrogen-based creams. Some argue that the woman’s virginal walls thin as she gets older. Even though this might be partially true, the clitoris does not degrade thereby making the whole love making process safe. Doctors insist that you should invest more on fore play at this stage for you to be ready for the whole love making process.

His equipment is no longer functional

While it is true that a man might not have regular erections as he did in the 20s, saying that his equipment is no longer functional is not true. According to surveys conducted by AARP, very few men over 70 years have confessed to have erectile problems. Moreover, for those who suffered from these problems, they still had a chance to do something about them. For instance, there are prescription drugs that will enable them to have harder penises that last for longer during sex. Other options include implants, pumps and shots. If you are suffering from any of the erectile problems, do not hesitate to talk to your doctor who will prescribe the right medicine for you.


Firing up an old machine is an impossibility

Yes, it is true that if you stay for a long time without having sex, restarting your sexual life might have both physical and psychological problems. However, the process is not impossibility because you only need to consider some factors. For instance, you should exercise daily for the purposes of keeping fit and keeping your heart active, have a partner to light up the fire again and focus on new ways on how to make love. Creativity is important at this stage.

Aging bodies are not sexy

Many people seem to believe in this notion that turns out to be a complete misconception. First, sex is not all about looks. If you stroke and kiss passionately, looks will not come into consideration at all. Experts recommend that you remain romantic and passionate during the entire love making process and you will bring back your brighter sexual days.

Sex is for young people

Whoever came up with the idea that older people should not have sex fooled many people. If that were true, all the species would lose the desire to have sex as they age but we know that is not true. If anything, as good and longer sexual life depends on how well you keep fit, conduct your romantic activities and relate with your sexual partner. Age does not play a bigger role in that.

For a long time, people have believed in some popular myths and misconceptions about sexuality and aging. Some of the more popular ones include the belief that sex is for young people, physical appearance matters when having sex and menopause marks the end of sexuality in women. Truth is, sex depends on how fit your keep yourself, your relationship with your partner and how you conduct your romantic activities.