sex_in_old_age_As each day passes, new studies and researches come up. One of the latest studies claims that having sex in old age could make you wiser and more rational in your thinking. According to students from leading universities like Oxford and Coventry, most of the people that engaged in sexual activities had a higher brain function. The researchers went on to state that older people who had sex regularly had higher marks in the several tests that they took part in as compared to their counterparts who did not. They also took into account the people’s ability to speak fluently and their ability to recognize visual objects faster. People who had sex in their older years came up on top in all the mentioned sections.

About the Study

While conducting their research, the participants were required to fill in a questionnaire stating how frequently they engaged in any form of sexual activity for the past twelve months. The questionnaire had options like “never”, “weekly” and “monthly”. The participants also had to fill in the details about the status of their daily health conditions and their overall lifestyle.

In addition to that, the participants that consisted of 73 people with 45 of them being women took a standardized test that aimed at measuring their brain functionality. The test focused more on testing the participants’ fluency, language, attention and their ability to remember things. Visio-spatial ability was also tested during the test.

To test verbal fluency, the participants had less than a minute in which they had to give any names of animals as many as they could remember. The researchers also made the participants to name words that start with the letter “F” as they could. These reflected their cognitive abilities.

To determine the participants’ visuo-spatial ability, the researchers asked them to copy some complex designs and draw a wall clock without having to refer from anywhere.

What were the results?

According to the reports submitted by the researchers, the participants who engaged inbsexual activities more frequently (weekly) scored the highest marks both in verbal and visuo-spatial tests. However, the results did not suggest that sex in older participants was effective in having high attention, good memory and good language fluency. If anything, all the participants performed equally as well without considering whether they had sex frequently or not.

What was the basis of the research?

The research was an expansion of a previous one that was conducted in 2016. The previous research showed that people who occasionally had sex had the ability to score higher on tests involving recognition as opposed to those who did not. However, in the recent research, the researchers made studies that are more specific. They involved the frequency of the sexual activities and their influences. They also considered wider varieties of tests as compared to the previous one.


According the reports released by the scientists, as researchers conduct further studies, they continue to realize a stronger relationship between people’s sexual activities and their cognitive functionality. The scientists went on to state that many people carry the notion that older people do not have sex so the first hurdle is to challenge the conception starting from the society level. After that, we should look at the effects that sexual activities have on people over the age of 50 years and how it can affect their health status positively.