Misconceptions About Aging and How It Affects One’s Sex Life

sex_and_aging1. Erectile Dysfunction – The most common misconception about men who’re 70 years of age or older, tend to have problems performing in bed like they once did. In fact, a study done by AARP proved this theory to be incorrect. That more than 75% of the participants were actually able to perform normally without any assistance of prescription medications. However, if someone is having sexual problems, there are several effective medicines that have been proven to be effective.

2. As a Person Grows Older Their Body Becomes Unattractive – Although our body’s do change throughout the years, it doesn’t mean we’re not still attractive. Some people are actually drawn to that look and find it very becoming. Instead of being critical about the appearance of your body, have an open mind when enjoying sexual pleasure with someone.

3. After Menopause Women Lose Their Sex Drive – Even though some women may experience vaginal dryness after going through menopause, it doesn’t affect their passion and sex drive. By participating in extended foreplay, it’ll provide you with the moisture that your body is lacking. If the dryness becomes an issue, then ask your physician about medications in which are available.

4. It’s Bad for Seniors to Have Sex – Another common misconception about sex and aging is that it’s not healthy for those which are older to participate in sexual activity. Just because we age doesn’t mean we have to stop living life, including in the bedroom. In fact, sex promotes longevity and helps give you a better overall outlook on life. Not only that, it’s a great way to distress as well.

5. If You Haven’t Had Sex for Several Years, You’ve Lost It Forever – It is a common fact that people who abstain from sex for a certain amount of time, usually require some additional foreplay in order to get back their urge for having sex. However, this shouldn’t be an obstacle in your sex life. There’s ways to overcome this particular issue, for instance, increasing physical activity and exercise.

Common Sexual Changes in Senior Citizens

male-sex-problemsPeople go through a variety of changes as they’re getting older, which occur in both men and women alike. That sometimes affects our sexual performance and endurance. On a more positive note, when a woman experiences menopause, she no longer has to worry about getting pregnant when having sex. Therefore, being able to enjoy sex a lot more.

When men reach 65 years of age, they’re more inclined to develop issues with impotency. In fact, out of every four who are sexually active, at least one will have this problem. Which is more likely to occur in men suffering from various health ailments, such as, high blood pressure, heart disease, and/or diabetes.

Reasons People Have Sexual Problems

There are various reasons that cause men and women to have issues with being able to perform sexually. For instance, certain prescriptions can give you problems in the bedroom or if you’ve a debilitating illness or are physically disabled. I’ve included a list of the most common health ailments that affect sex the most.


* Chronic Pain and Suffering – Problems with intimacy generally occur in those suffering from chronic pain. It tends to be a distraction when you’re involved in a sexual relationship. The good news is you don’t need to put off having sex because of this, there are numerous treatments out there which will effectively help you.

* Issues With Bladder Control – There’s nothing worse than having an overactive bladder, this can become a huge issue when it comes to intimacy. Especially if it’s to the point where you’ve had leakage when sneezing, laughing, coughing or when performing certain activities.

* Cardiovascular Problems – Because your heart plays a major role in the flow of blood traveling throughout the body. This can affect a man’s personal performance in the bedroom, since the vessels located in the penis cannot provide a sufficient amount of blood flowing to the male genitalia.

Seeking Assistance for Sexual Problems

If you’re an older adult having problems with being sexually active, there are numerous methods, in which can be administered. Therefore, by discussing it over with your physician, you’ll be able to get back that intimacy you once had.